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Your Success Begins With  A Clear Vision

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                                   Coaching Individuals and Teams for SUCCESS! 


Everyone's definition of success is different, but finding a clear path to achieving your goals is attainable.  Using solution-focused coaching, you can find balance in your professional and personal growth.  See transformational changes and fundamental shifts in your life when working with a coach.     




Our Services

Team Building

Personality Dimensions helps individuals understand themselves and others, so that they can communicate more effectively.  Building stronger relationships in the workplace and all areas of life.  Each member of a team brings their own strengths, values and challenges; by learning to communicate appropriately they can optimize team performance.  Teams also yield higher productivity, support & encourage each other, negotiate more effectively and narrow gaps and differences which elevates morale 

Leadership Development

Effective leaders create an inspiring vision of the future.  They motivate and inspire their team to engage and to accomplish amazing things.  "Employees don't leave companies, they leave managers."  Leaders that understand their employees, with great communication skills, build a strong workplace and loyalty within a team.  By understanding what motivates the members of their team, management and business owners are able to strengthen proffessional relationships and create an atmosphere of mutual respect     

Conflict Management

 Developing effective conflict resolution skill sets are an essential component of building a healthy work environment.  Unresolved conflict often results in loss of productivity, the stifling of creativity and creates a lack of collaboration and cooperation.  Avoiding or ignoring conflict causes larger issues down the road.  Strong communication skills will help to create a framework for encouraging a great work atmosphere 

Sales and Marketing

By enhancing the understanding of individual styles and preferences, PD can provide a framework for orgizations to reflect on best practices for sales and marketing strategies.  Workshops focussing on sales and marketing will help teams better target their customers.  

Participants will learn techniques to conduct more effect sales meetings, increase sale closures and meet the needs of diverse customers.  

What Our Clients Say

Vice President Operations

           Cheryl Harrison

I just wanted to let you know that the directors absolutely loved your session.  They literally cannot stop talking in colours.  They feel it will really help their staff communicate better and  said they uses it practically every day in managing their staff because of their better understanding of their personality traits.  I am really glad we are doing this and I hope all other campuses have been booked.

Analia Ruby

College Director

I wanted to thank you for yesterday. It was amazing, people are still talking colors today.  It was the perfect workshop for what we needed.


I have spoke to the other directors and HIGHLY suggested the class.

Danya LeBlanc

ReMax Excellence

“If you’re like me, then you find personality profiling to be fascinating; but our defining characteristics are not always top of mind when you’re going through the everyday motions of working and collaborating with others.  I was feeling frustrated by my inability to communicated effectively with a superior, and after taking Jacqueline’s class, I was able to recognize our personalities are completely different! Of course, it’s our personalities that allow us to be great at our respective roles. Gaining this understanding help me respect this person more, and communicate with them in a manner we would both appreciate.”

“ Education is not learning facts, it's rather the training of the mind to think.”

- Albert Einstein

Ready to start your growth journey?